Tuesday, 30 March 2010

International ART-objects Symposium in Penza

Antipova Sofia, Russia
Antipov Sergey , Russia
Berenshtein Jacob, Israel
Faley Ales, Belarus
Hoffman Annabella, Germany
Koolstra Martijn, Netherland
Lisitsina Daria, Russia
Mavrin Nikolay, Russia
Meyle Markus, Switserland
Milan Jose Carlos, Spain
Rabaste Federic, France
Rofka Michael, Germany
Shtock Dmitry, Russia
Venclovas Kazys, LithuaniaTurner John, New Zealand

10-24 September 2010, Russia, Penza, hotel complex "Chistie Prudi"
Rules and Conditions of the Symposium
1. Time and place
The First International ART-objects Symposium will take place in Penza, Russia, from the 10 of September, till the 24 th of September 2010 at the hotel complex «Chistie Prudi»
2. The aims of the ART-OBJECTS Symposium:
· Acquaintance of the Russian spectators with the tendencies of modern art of the world,
· Popularization of contemporary art
· Creation of ART-obects for sculpture park "Legend " and hotel complex “Chistie prudi”
· Strengthening of international contacts between the artists and spectators
· Art exchanges between artists of different countries
· Development of tourism in the Penza region
· Carrying out work-shops and master-classes during Symposium

3 Organisers of the Symposium
· The Government of Penza Region,
· The hotel complex «Chistie Prudi»
· The Company "ROSSTROY"
· Sculpture park "Legend"

4. The symposium provides for the artists
Accomodation and meals at hotel «Chistie prudi»,
Materials for realizing ART-objects: white and color marble; wood (oak logs); different kinds of metal (steel or stainless steel sheets, tubes, angles and other profiles); glass, fiberglass, beaten ceramic tiles various colors, concrete, bricks, wire, papier-mache, paints and other materials according selected project, but coordinated with organizing committee of Symposium.
The individual allowance 300 € (three hundreds euros) at the end of the Symposium by cash for every artists for finished ART-objects
The equipment of a workplace with all basic equipment, (electricity, compressed air, a place for storage of tools and changing clothes),
Angle-grinders (230 mm) for artists, who will need it, welding equipments,
Transport from the airports of Moscow to Penza and back from Penza to Moscow airports by bus,
Exhibition of small ART-objects during Symposium at the Museum
Publishing of the catalogue of the Symposium,
Reflection of the main events of the Symposium in a website:
Information about events of the Symposium in mass media of Russia (newspapers, TV, magazines, radio)

5. The artist undertakes
· To create a sculpture not later than the closing date of the Symposium (24 th of September 2010) according to his/her selected projects
· To have own electric, air and hand tools and personal means of protection
· To have own insurance for all duration of Symposium

6. Theme of the Symposium 2010
There is no special theme

7. Procedure of selection of participants
Participants of the Symposium 20 artists will be selected by special jury by the submitted projects of ART-objects and documents
All required sketches and documents should be presented in digital form to the organizing committee par e-mail: artobjectspenza@gmail.com not later than the 20 th of May 2010. For selection to participation artists should present:
1. The filled and signed registration form of symposium.
2. СV of artist
3. Minimum of 4 photos of the previous similar art works of the artist ,
4. Sketches (drawings) of proposal ART-object from 4 sides). Better to present 4 photos of small models of proposal Art-objects from 4 sides
5. · The description of the project (the title of Art-object, materials, the dimensions, the descriptions of art ideas and meaning).
The results of selection for participation of a symposium 2010 will be announce on a blog of a symposium http://www.art-objectspenza.blogspot.com/ on the 1 st of June 2010

8. Other conditions
· The artist can use any other materials for realize his/her ART-object, but he provides it himself.
· The artist can arrive on a symposium accompanied by any person, but meals and accommodation of the person will be paid by artist or this persons.
· The symposium does not pay transport charges of artists, drinks, phone, etc.
· ART-objects created during the Symposium are the property of organizers and will be installed in sculpture park "Legend" and hotel complex “Chistie Prudi”.
· The rights of ownership to the finished ART-objects, including the copyrights, belongs to the organisers

9. Contacts
· Valentina Dusavitskaja, sculptor, artist, coordinator of Symposiums, art-director of Museum of International Sculpture Symposiums Autumn. Inspiration. Penza: http://www.dvalentina.blogspot.com/, E-mail: artobjectspenza@gmail.com, tel mob. +79053653873, tel .home +78412407905, address: Russia, 440071, Penza, Stroiteley ave, 138-104
· Hotel complex «Chistie Prudi», sculpture park " Legend ": http://www.hotels-penza.ru/, http://www.symposiumsculpture.ru/
· address: 442395, Russia, Penza area, Mokshansky region, Ramzay village, Ozdorovitelnaya street , 2, tel. 007 8412 78 0000


Name of artist:
Date of birth:
Address of artist:
Titles of proposal ART-object:
Materials of proposal ART-object:
Dimensions of ART-objects

Me, underwritten, I oblige to realize my ART-object fully complying to my selected project during Symposium. Rules and Regulations of Symposium I have read and approved.

Date: Signature:


Name and surname of artist: Country:

Title of sculpture
Price (in €)

Date: Signature:

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